All About Her is a place I love to come to document the sometimes exciting and sometimes ordinary life of our little family. Photos and words that I can look back on to remember the funny stories, the frustrating moments and the family adventures of these precious years that are passing by all too quickly.

The blog has a focus on children’s fashion and family adventures and I try to post at least every Monday and Friday.

I also have a YouTube channel where I upload videos on a Wednesday and a Sunday.


To sum me up quickly – I’m Becca, a twenty eight year old Mama of two.

I work part time in HR and in my spare time (when I get some) you can find me, blogging, running or online somewhere…most likely shopping.

I love bright colours, children’s fashion and travelling.


Long suffering #instahusband. We’ve been together for six years and there is no-one I’d rather be on this crazy parenting journey with. He has always been my biggest fan and manages to put up with my constant want to photograph and film moments with minimal moaning and groaning.

In turn I put up with his obsession with road cycling. He’s a complete bike geek and recently took part in and completed a charity ride from London to Paris in 24 hours (rather him than me)!

Sophia (Phia).

Sophia is our eldest child, born in September 2012. She is fiercely independent, very cheeky and puts the biggest smile on our faces everyday. She completely adores her little brother and has taken to the role of big sister with such ease and a maturity way beyond her five years.

She lists chocolate, Mr Rabs (her fluffy toy rabbit) and dressing up (we’re talking at least five outfit changes a day) amongst her favourite things.

She has just started school and loves reading, writing and dancing.

Lucas (LJ).

Our baby boy, born in May 2016.

The youngest and the loudest. He has always known exactly what he wants and has a wicked temper if he doesn’t get his own way.

Despite being the loudest and feistiest, he is also the most affectionate. He loves nothing more than a cuddle and regularly dishes out kisses.

He loves being outdoors, playing football, cars, babies and with eyelashes (it’s weird but if he grabs yours you know he likes you!)

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