This weekend I celebrated my 28th birthday. It was full of my favourite people, good food and lots of cake, I had the best time.

Last month I visited Brighton on a hen weekend but due to lots of hen do activities (specifics will not be named 😉 ) and travelling back early for work I didn’t have the chance to get out and explore as much as I wanted. So I chose it as the destination for my birthday day out this year.

After a slow morning of opening presents and cards we arrived in Brighton at about midday. First stop was the pier, a Brighton must see. We stopped for a while just to watch the sea, the strong winds were making huge waves and the kids loved watching the men fishing.

The main attraction though was obviously the arcades. The kids could of spent all day in there. To be fair you can’t go to the seaside without having a go.

Our favourite game in the whole arcade because we were actually pretty good at it and won enough tickets to claim a prize!

Once the 2p’s were gone we headed down to the beach for a compulsory fish and chips lunch. Sophia was on seagull watch and kept reminding us to keep our lids closed when we weren’t grabbing another chip.

Just love this photo of my three favourite people.

This boy loved throwing pebbles and burying his sister in them!

It’s not often I’m this side of the camera but I do love this shot of me and my big girl.

After playing on the beach for a while we decided to head to Sea Life to get out of the wind. The queue was huge so whilst waiting I decided to book the tickets online through my phone which were a lot cheaper and meant we could jump the queue!

I just loved the rainbow ceiling. Apologies for the grainy iPhone shot.

The numbers on the turtles backs all correspond to a player from the Brighton and Hove albion football team.

Sophia was very bemused to spot Nemo and Dory swimming around.

After completing their dive log book the kids were presented with a medal on the way out and I couldn’t resist snapping a picture of them in front of the colourful Sea Life wall.

Next we decided to grab an ice-cream and walk (only a few minutes away) into the city centre to have a look around.

After some serious window shopping around the Lanes we decided to visit Pizza Express (told you there was a lot of food) for some dinner before heading home.

We finally got home at around 9:30pm, tired, full and happy after a really lovely family day out. There really is nothing better than spending days with the people you love most.


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