On Bank Holiday Monday I’d planned to visit a local Bluebell wood that we used to visit when I was younger for an organised walk. I was going to drag my Mum along with me as Ryan was due to go to work at midday. However the night before she told me she had already been but that she’d come across some just up the road from us whilst out walking and she’d show me where they were instead.

I had a professional shoot of Sophia done in a bluebell wood a couple of years ago (when she was about 2 1/2) and I still love those photos now. So I thought I’d take my camera and try and capture some more recent ones. Lucas was really tired so I haven’t got a single shot where he is smiling but I still love them all – they are my favourite little humans after all.

Just before we left the house. Sophia’s jacket is from Next, wellies are from M&S and Lucas’ jacket is from Zara.

This stunning wood was full of bluebells and was only a short walk from our front door, I can’t believe I’ve never known it existed until now. I’ll certainly remember for next year!

There was only a really narrow path through the woods, so we decided to walk around instead. However there was a log right in front of the turnstile which was just perfect for them to sit on so I couldĀ snap away.

Mr Serious. Ryan and my Mum were trying to get him to crack a smile and he was having none of it!

Our little boy – always poking and prodding things.

I just love this one of our big girl. She looks so so grown up now especially in comparison to the last bluebell photos we had taken.

Have you visited any bluebell woods this year?


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