Fancy dress – you either love it or hate it. Personally, I love it. Even more so since having kids, give me an opportunity to get them dressed up and I’m all over it. This weekend we were invited to our friend’s daughters Enchanted Forest themed 4th birthday party. Their parties are always pretty spectacular with themed decorations and games so I like to always make a bit of extra effort for them.

Now Sophia is a little older I try and give her some options before I commit to putting an outfit together as she is very vocal about what she what she will and won’t wear these days. Lucas however has to suffer my ridiculous fancy dress outfit choices until he dares to say otherwise!

Sophia decided on a Unicorn and I chose a Gnome for Lucas.

Sophia’s Unicorn horn was randomly from Boohoo. I found this white, silver and pink one and thought it would go perfectly with her predominantly white costume. If you don’t leave everything until the last minute like me though, there are some truly beautiful unicorn headbands on Etsy. The body and hair glitter was from The Gypsy Shrine in the Unicorn colour style. You don’t have to use much at all, it goes such a long way and was very easy to apply.

My favourite part of her costume was her beautiful tutu, which was made by Ryan’s Auntie (who has her own facebook page here). Whenever I have a fancy dress requirement she normally gets flooded with Pinterest pictures to recreate and she always does such a fabulous job for us. We are very lucky. Sophia loves My Little Pony and her favourite pony is Rainbow Dash so I was looking to create a pastel rainbow style tail which I knew she would love.

Sophia’s leotard was just a cheap one from eBay and her Glitter Hi-Tops we already owned and are from Gap Kids. I love this outfit on her and I know she loved it too – because it’s not often she is actually willing to pose for photos for me anymore!

Now onto my grumpy gnome…

He looked exactly how I’d imagined, but nonetheless I laughed a lot when I saw him all dressed up. Especially with that grumpy face.

His bearded hat and belt were just the result of material, card and a glue gun. I used red felt and a faux fur material for his bearded hat and the belt was 3″ black elastic and gold card.  The measurements on his hat weren’t entirely accurate because I took them whilst he was sleeping – but I think it makes the whole outfit a little more comical.

His blue top was again another cheap purchase from eBay I got it a few sizes bigger to give an oversized look. Trousers (Next) and shoes (Clarks) are items we already had at home.

These pictures actually show the first time he stood unaided. Ryan was holding his hand but let go to try and get out of the picture and he stayed upright- just like that. Which meant this snap happy mama was in her element capturing lots of photos, well until he started clapping himself and fell over!

I’m so pleased with how their costumes came out and we had a great time at the party.

Do you love or dread fancy dress?


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  1. April 25, 2017 / 1:25 pm

    I was going to say how gorgeous is she as a unicorn but then I saw your little gnome!! I am in love! Awesome outfits! x

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