A couple of weeks ago we visited RHS Garden Wisley for the day, as a late celebration of Ryan’s Nan’s 75th birthday and Mothers Day.

We chose to visit on a Wednesday, which we thought would mean it was a little quieter however some of the schools had already broken up for the Easter holidays and when we arrived just an hour after it opened, we were already in a huge queue to the rear car park. It wasn’t too bad though and actually looking back I wonder if we’d of gone for a walk all the way to the rear of the grounds if we hadn’t been parked there and it was just as beautiful as some of the other parts of the gardens.

We were following the Easter bunny trail and it gave us a good tour of the gardens as well as keeping the four year old entertained (nothing works better than a chocolate bribe!), although we definitely want to go back and explore some more!

First stop was the Canal. The big house and fountains were spectacular enough but the borders were full of brightly coloured flowers and the smells as you walked past were heavenly.

Group photo (well minus the photographer!) I love this photo of them all.

Next up was the tulip display. I love tulips – this was the bit of the gardens I was most looking forward to and I was not disappointed. There were rows and rows of bright colours, beautifully displayed.  These pink ones were my favourite.

As we came out of the tulips we walked through the rock garden towards The Glasshouse.

Stopping at every opportunity to take photos of walls and pretty flowers obviously…

Before we headed into The Glasshouse we stopped at The Glasshouse Cafe for some lunch. We headed here as there is a softplay area which we thought would be good if Sophia got bored whilst we were eating. However we were left a little disappointed with the range of food and service we received whilst we were there. None of the coffee machines were working, we had to wait a while for various food items to be restocked and it was all a little manic. The staff seem stressed and were quite unhelpful. We actually left wishing we’d tried eating in the main restaurant instead.

The Glasshouse itself though is magnificent. It’s full of all kinds of exotic plants and they had an impressive orchid display when we visited.

The waterfall in The Glasshouse.

Our happy boy in his pushchair, I really can’t fault him when we’re out and about he sits so nicely, just happy taking it all in.

I loved the vibrant green colour of these leaves, I couldn’t not take a photo of them.

One of the golden bunnies we were searching for taking a dip with the hippo.

Because you have to have a photo with the cacti when you’re dressed like one!

We’d all of preferred this to be the chocolate bunny prize 😉

After The Glasshouse we headed to the children’s play area, firstly because there was a bunny there but also to let Lucas out of the buggy for a bit, have a sit down and a play.

That happy face – she was determined to conquer these monkey bar style hoops but found it much funnier to just hang there like the monkey.

I love this picture of our baby boy. He was exactly 11 months old on the day we visited and this is one of my favourite photos of him.

More exploring with Daddy. There was so much to do in the naturalistic play area, wig wams to create and play in, logs to climb over, stepping stones, ropes and bridges to cross. We could of spent ages here.

Being chased around the stepping stones by Nanma and Nanny.

After we finished playing we headed back towards the main restaurant to find our last bunny. We took the opportunity to stop for a tea break (and a nap…)

Feeling more refreshed we headed to the main entrance to claim our chocolate prize. Right next to which is the most fantastic gift shop.  Full of beautiful plants, books, toys and candles to name just a few.

And last but not least because every good day out involves an ice-cream right?

We had a fantastic day at RHS Garden Wisley and whilst we were disappointed with the service from the catering staff the rest of our day was perfect. We can’t wait to go back in the summer when there is more in bloom.

Have you been to RHS Garden Wisley?


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