A couple of weeks ago a magical box arrived in the post for Sophia full of Shimmer and Shine goodies to review and celebrate the launch of the new Shimmer and Shine toy range from Fisher-Price.

The Shimmer and Shine toys are based on the Nick Jr. series about twin sister genies-in-training who grant wishes (that don’t always go to plan, but always turn out right in the end) for their best friend Leah.

The first toy out of the magical box was the Shine Talk and Sing Doll. The doll has a soft cuddly body and a plastic head with a soft, blue ponytail. When you press her tummy the doll says different phrases, giggles and plays music from the show.

Sophia loved her “sparkly genie” look and immediately got all our hair accessories out to start styling her hair. She also loved cuddling, chatting with and singing along with Shine.

The second toy she received was the Float & Sing Palace Friends Playset. The playset includes both Shimmer and Shine dolls (with removable skirts, shoes and bracelets) and their pet monkey, Tala, and tiger, Nahal, with pillows that slot into the top of the palace for them to sit on. When you place either Shimmer or Shine into the special holder, you can then lift and lower the genies as though they magically float on air. The jewel button on the front of the couch plays lots of fun phrases and the shows catchy theme tune.

This set has to be Sophia’s favourite. She loves that the genies can float up to the top of the palace to look after their pets, but does find it hard to keep the dolls both sat on the couch unless their hair is hooked over the back. She also likes being able to brush their colourful hair and get the dolls into their genie outfits – although the shoes have proved a bit tricky to keep on!

Sophia loves her brightly coloured genies with Shine being her favourite of the two, owing to her blue hair and matching outfit (Sophia’s favourite colour!). Shimmer and Shine have slept in princess shoe beds, looked after poorly pets and returned all the stolen jewels back to the palace to name just a few adventures since we’ve had them. They really have sparked her imagination and she has had hours of fun playing with them.

If Shimmer and Shine could grant three magical wishes for Sophia, she would wish for:

  1. “Lots of sweets and chocolate”
  2. “A bed big enough for Mummy, Daddy, Lucas and Me to sleep in every night”
  3. “Her own real magical unicorn”

N.B Thank you so much to Mattel for sending us these toys for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are my own. 


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