Dear Lucas,

You are now eight months old. Time is flying by and next month you will have been out in the world longer than you lived in my tummy! But that is still a month away so I won’t dwell on that milestone yet!

This month you experienced your very first Christmas. In the run up to Christmas day you loved seeing the twinkling lights, visiting Father Christmas, baubles (particularly on Nanny’s tree) and of course wrapping paper. You were actually really poorly for the big day itself, you had a cold and were going through a leap so you spent most of it in a bit of a grump or asleep. Your favourite present was the silver star helium balloon. You love balloons.

You now weigh 24lbs and to me you feel about the same weight and height your sister was when she was about one. You tend to be in clothes (9-12 months) more now than babygrows and it makes you look even more grown up. Your hair is getting quite long now and I’m starting to agree with Daddy that it might need a trim – you’re just so little though!

You are a very vocal baby, I often refer to you as my noisy child. Mostly┬ábaby jibberish and the odd yell when you’re not getting your own way but you also┬ásay ‘Dada’ very clearly (despite my attempts to make you say Mama first). We’re not sure if you know Dada is Dada when you say it though, sometimes you say it when you want him, sometimes you say it all the time.

You’re still not moving yet but you’re definitely leaning towards crawling rather than bottom shuffling we think! And you’ll be much happier when you’re on the move. You find it very frustrating seeing everyone moving about and not being able to do it yourself.

You’ll be just about to start nursery when your next update is due and I feel so blessed to have had so much time with you, in comparison to my maternity leave with your sister. I can’t wait to see what you get up to over the next month.

I love you.


7 months

8 months


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