Hello and (a belated) Happy New Year! Hope you all enjoyed the festive break. I’ve been MIA on here and social media over the past few weeks, basically just getting my life into some sort of order! I finish my maternity leave next month and go back to work, which means Lucas is off to nursery with his big sister, until she starts school in September (*weeps*) and looking at / deciding on schools has also taken up more time than I thought it would. So lots going on and I’ve just felt like I needed and wanted to really concentrate on spinning just one or two plates rather than the twenty I normally feel like I’m doing.

I’m not really a ‘New Year, New Me’ kind of girl. But there is something I find refreshing about the start of the New Year and this year I’ve thought of some goals that I’d like to achieve by the end of it. They aren’t goals to hold myself to task over just ones to challenge me a little and push me outside of my comfort zone.

I’m posting them here firstly because statistically I’m more likely to achieve them that way and secondly because as this little blog is our personal family diary it will give you an idea of what you can expect to see happening here over the next year.

So what are my goals for 2017? I’ve split them into three categories.


Lose two and a half stone – could blame the baby but he’s been out of there for nearly nine months now so not sure I can still use that excuse. I started losing weight before Christmas but let’s be honest, most of it crept back on (cheese and prosecco – if you were wondering) and so this Mama is officially now on a health kick to get it gone once and for all. This is the heaviest I’ve been in about ten years and it’s just pretty crap for the self esteem. I won’t be joining any slimming groups just simple healthy eating and exercise, I’m not a fan of low fat foods and counting sins and points just isn’t for me.

Run a half marathon –  I ran the Basingstoke half marathon back in October 2014 and I would love to run another one this year. I’m looking for one in the second half of this year as I want to train properly for it and after having a c-section last May I don’t want to push myself too hard too quickly.  I’m also going to sign myself up to some 10k runs so I have something in the first half of the year to keep me motivated.

Stay on top of the housework – I am not tidy. I no longer pretend I am. I hate tidying. I have a million other things I’d rather do than clean or tidy. My mum (as a joke) bought me the Life Changing Magic of Tidying book for Christmas and it actually has already changed our lives – no joke. I will go more into it at a later date because it warrants a whole post of it’s own. It’s AMAZING. But the aim of this goal is basically just to give me more time. Towards the end of last year I felt like all my one on one time with Sophia whilst Lucas napped was being eaten up by sorting and tidying (because I get distracted easily when I don’t want to do something) and then when I’d finished Lucas was up again and I just felt more and more guilt about it. So I’m going to do my best to keep on top of everything and hopefully I won’t feel guilty about the amount of time I’m spending doing housework.


Spend some one on one time with each other – We do things together. All four of us. All of the time. It’s how we like to be. Ryan and I both want to spend as much time with the kids as possible and Sophia hates being away from her brother. So it works. But this year I think it’d be nice to put some focus on our individual relationships with each other too.  So we’re going to schedule in some couple / mummy and daughter / daddy and son (and vice versa) dates too.

Explore more – We love to travel, to see and experience new places. We have one holiday booked to Lake Garda in Italy this year. I’m pretty confident we won’t book anything else abroad (unless a lottery win is heading our way), but we’d like to explore the UK more and have spoken about places we’d like to visit this year. My Nanna bought us a National Trust membership last year for Christmas and whilst we used it a lot we stayed pretty local so we’d like to really exploit that a lot more this year.

Send Sophia to ballet lessons – She is desperate to start, she sings and dances around the house 80 percent of the time. The kids have started quite a few classes whilst I’ve been on maternity leave so this has really just been more of a money issue. So when I return to work next month we’ll get her booked into a local class.


Grow – I’d really love to start growing my blog and YouTube channel this year. I need to be more consistent and post more regularly. I seem to work better using lists to tick things off (I’m turning into my mum) so I’ve built my content ideas into my personal family diary (as my third child!) and hopefully that will keep me on track.

Improve – I’ve been taking part in a series of blogging workshops over the past few months and they’ve been really helpful in developing my general understanding of the blogging world and for hints and tips to speed processes up, there is a further course I’d like to do in a few weeks time that I need to sign up for.  I went on a photography course last year to get me off auto and I’d love to do the next level up as I really got the bug for it and I even took some photos last year I’m proud of because I know I was actually responsible for them. Lastly I’d like to develop my editing skills for YouTube, I use iMovie but I don’t feel like I really know how to use it to it’s full potential.

Equipment – Both a new lens for my camera and a drone. Lens first (it’s the cheapest) then a drone…if Ryan will let me basically. And maybe some new, more advanced video editing software as the year progresses (if you publish content on YouTube what do you use?)

So lots to work on and I have written out some process goals so that hopefully at the end of this year, I’ve at least part achieved some of the list above.

Have you set yourself goals this year? Pop or link them in the comments below I’d love to check them out!


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  1. January 14, 2017 / 8:58 pm

    What a fab set of goals. I’ve had so many floating around my head but still (half way through January) haven’t put pen to paper/finger to keyboard to get them down on paper. Think I’m just worried I’ll be accountable to it all once it’s out! Good luck with everything x

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