This time last year we had just found out we were having a little boy. A whole year later and our beautiful children have now been siblings for seven months and I couldn’t feel any luckier! It has been all I could have wished for back then and more.

This month Sophia has really started playing ‘Mum’ to Lucas. She has loved helping to feed him, encouraging him to move and showing him how all the baby toys work. She has also loved telling him when he can’t do something or have something. She can be quite the bossy pants sometimes and nothing frustrates her more than Ryan or I undermining her role as ‘big sister’.

Lucas is still completely fascinated by his big sister. He spends most of the time laughing at her but also a lot of the time looking at her completely puzzled by her actions. Either way he is always happiest doing what she is doing unless he wants milk, food or a nappy change.

This month they will share their first Christmas together and I’m looking forward to it so much. Sophia has told Father Christmas on several occasions this year that she has been good and her brother has been very naughty – the poor boy, can’t even defend himself! So whilst she is very excited about not only opening her own presents but helping her brother too, she may have shot herself in the foot there! 😉  One of my fondest memories of Christmas with my sister (and in all honesty we still do it now) was sitting on each others bed, normally around 5 am because of pure excitement and opening our stockings together and I can’t wait to see what little Christmas traditions they have of their own over the years!

I wasn’t going to use these photos as my ‘December Siblings’ photos as they are obviously professionally taken in comparison to my attempt at photography in previous months. But I love them – so why not! I certainly wasn’t going to get any better ones with it being so dark indoors and wet outdoors. These were taken by a local company to us (Studio Rouge), at the beginning of the month. Lots of friends have used the company for weddings and family photoshoots and I couldn’t recommend them enough if you are nearby. Sophia had a Christmas mini shoot done two years ago and I knew that when Lucas was here I’d want some done again.


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