It’s been a few months since I’ve written an update on my little loves.

The past month has been the one I’ve noticed their relationship really start to develop the most.  Lucas is now sitting unaided, is incredibly inquisitive about everything going on around him and as such won’t sit on your lap for long before trying to bottom shuffle off to get to where the action is happening particularly if it involves his big sister.

They love being together, they seek each other out and it’s clear that they both much prefer it when the other is around.

Now Lucas has gained a bit of independence Sophia now sits and reads him stories, shows him how to do puzzles and involves him as different characters in her made up games, much to our amusement. She just adores her little brother and every bit of interaction he wants to have with her simply makes her day. In fact she can get quite upset if he doesn’t laugh at her antics or want to hold her hand.

Lucas is equally fascinated by his big sister and how she constantly moves, talks, dances, sings and plays. He generally gives her a giggle for her attempts at amusing him even if the look on his face sometimes says “what on earth is she doing now?” He is also not afraid to let her know when he’s had enough or she’s annoyed him. I’m rather intrigued to see who ‘the boss’ is going to be out of these two (my bets are on the little one!).

So that’s my littles in November and here are some photos of them over the past few months.





These photos were taken just after we got back from holiday. I love the bottom three, actual case of cute aggression right there.




It is quite clear to see Lucas was not in the mood for photos this day! The second one makes me laugh so much!




Some fuzzy but fun ones from October! Lucas always ends up being the sidekick to her fancy dress costumes – poor kid!




The latest photos of my two and quite possibly my new favourites! Sophia looks especially grown up!




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