Dear Lucas,

You are now six months old. How are we halfway to your first birthday already?

The months are flying by and I’m desperately trying to hold on to every bit of ‘baby-ness’ about you because I know just how quickly growing up happens but you’re pretty determined otherwise. You weigh 22lbs and your hair is really starting to grow (Daddy thinks we should cut the bits around your ears – I won’t let him).

You have completely mastered sitting and are even confident enough to give a little bottom shuffle when you’re trying to get to somebody or reach something. It’s so much fun to watch you sat playing with your sister. You have already started to terrorise her, pulling apart her puzzles or knocking her characters over. She doesn’t seem to mind though (yet!), to her you are the best thing ever and can do no wrong!

You now have two bottom teeth in that gummy smile of yours. After a tough couple of weeks your bottom left tooth appeared and then a day or so after the right popped up too. They caused you quite a lot of pain and you also had a cold which didn’t help. It was horrible to see you in so much discomfort and I seemed to be the only one who could settle you. We spent most nights together for those couple of weeks, slept upright, you laid on my chest, dosed up on Calpol, teething sachets and covered in Snufflebabe. It was pretty tough, I won’t lie. I broke down a couple of times due to lack of sleep, but we got through it and really I’m just thankful to be the one that can give you some comfort and no matter how tired I am, there will always be a space in your Mama’s arms for you to snuggle into.

This month you experienced your first Halloween where you were once again subjected to being dressed up as your sister’s sidekick. You didn’t really seem to mind and actually spent a lot of the time laughing at her. You also attended your first Bonfire Night. I carried you in the sling so that you felt nice and safe but I needn’t have worried as you were totally unfazed by the whole thing. You watched the whole display but your eyes were getting heavier and heavier towards the end when you eventually dozed off.

You are such a character and already very expressive with your emotions. Generally you’re a happy baby, you have the biggest smile on your face and you give a chuckle to anybody and everybody but save your really loud belly aching laugh for us. Particularly your sister, who made you laugh constantly whilst I was taking this months photos of you (which I think are my new favourites). In contrast to the smiles when you’re upset you give a really high pitched screeching noise which is sometimes so high you can’t even get it to make a sound. And I feel mean for saying this, but the funniest of all is when you’re angry or frustrated because at just six months, you clench your little fists and grit your teeth at us. It makes me laugh so much.

It’s been another month of wonderful memories. Thank you for being all we could ever wish for.

I love you.









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