Dear Lucas,

I must first apologise that I have not written to you since you were two months old and now you are five months (where did that time go?). I do feel awful but I haven’t totally neglected these letters, I have still been taking your monthly photos and will include the past few months at the end of this letter. 

It actually feels pretty crazy to me that you are five months old already. Time seems to speed up and slow down all at once when you have a baby; you feel so incredibly new and at the same time, remembering life without you in it feels like the weirdest thing to imagine now. You really aren’t a newborn anymore, you’re a little baby boy now, with your own personality and your own character. I am so loving watching the little person you are becoming, even if it does throw me at times just how quickly you are growing and changing.

You have the most beautiful big brown eyes, your hair is now dark blonde in colour and to me you are a complete mix of your Daddy and your big sister. We’d really expected to see your first tooth appear before you turned five months, but despite the finger chewing and dribbling ramping up, no teeth have actually cracked the surface yet. Although I’m almost positive that you will have one or two by the time you turn six months; but then I did think that last month too. You have well and truly discovered your feet, you are completely fascinated by them and whenever you are laid down on your back within seconds you are playing with your toes or pulling them towards your mouth and trying to chomp on them.

And talking of chomping, we have just started your weaning journey. We originally started when you were about four and a half months but had to stop as we all had a nasty tummy bug and we didn’t want to give you any more tummy trouble. You seem to love the veggies more than the fruit (although you are partial to a banana) but you’re definitely more interested in trying to eat everybody else’s food than the lovely puree’s and finger foods I’ve lovingly slaved over for you. You currently weigh 19lbs 8oz and are wearing 6-9 or 9-12 month clothes. The bigger size in baby grows because I hate seeing your little toes all curled up with no room.

You have started to master sitting. I say “started” because you are still a little way off of being able to sit independently, but when you get your balance just right you can sit for quite a few minutes. You do have a tendency to get a bit over excited and fall over so we are still staying nice and close. You love the new view point and are much happier in this position so you can see what everybody is up to. You can wriggle on your tummy and travel around on the floor quite well and I suspect you’ll be a crawler instead of a bottom shuffler like your sister was. At the moment though you are at your most happiest in your bouncer, you go completely crazy in it.

You have become incredibly vocal over the past few months. You talk (it can also often be a shout) to anything and everything from your toys to the cats. You love nothing more than having a ‘gurgly’ conversation with somebody, sat on their laps face to face. Your laugh is developing into a dirty little chuckle just like your big sister’s. and you are incredibly ticklish all over your body. We love making you laugh hysterically and you particularly like being made to jump.

With each month that passes you seem to be more and more interested in your big sister. You watch her utterly fascinated when she’s busy playing, dancing or generally being loud, and she definitely loves the fact that you are becoming more and more fun as you interact more. I just know you two are going to get up to all sorts of mischief.

Over these past few months you seem to have really discovered Daddy. It’s not that you didn’t like him before, but you seem to really adore him at the moment. Your face completely lights up when you clamp eyes on him, and you’ll follow him with your eyes as he moves around the room, as if he’s the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen. I know he’s going to let you get away with all sorts as you grow, your sister already has him wrapped around her little finger and I suspect you’ll be the same. You are so lucky to have him as your Daddy, because he’d do anything for you.

It’s hard to put into words how proud I am that you are mine. Everywhere we go people will totally coo over you and comment on how content and quick to smile you are. I know I am biased but you really are the loveliest baby boy. And it’s so lovely to hear that other people seem to agree.

I won’t leave it so long for my next letter. Thank you for being all we could ever wish for.

I love you.


Three months.


Four months.

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Five months.

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