Siblings – July 2016

Before I even had Lucas I used to fantasise about the moment I got to introduce my beautiful girl to her little brother, and him to her. And from that moment on watching the two of them together has been one of my favourite things to do. These posts really are the most precious to me and I literally burst with pride looking at their photos and reading them back each month. 

We’ve been really lucky that Sophia has never once shown a drop of jealousy towards her little brother. She’s just adored him from the moment he arrived. She is such a little Mama to him and often tells family and friends how he likes to be held and what she thinks he’s cooing or crying about. She loves to make him smile; she gives his little tummy a squeeze and calls him ‘cheeky chops’ or plays the ‘peekaboo’ game with him and the other day she just sat and sang nursery rhymes to him for a solid 15 minutes whilst I prepared dinner. She gets so excited when he flashes her one of his smiles ‘Mama, look! He’s smiling at me!’ She doesn’t like to be without him even when he just goes down for a nap. 

Lucas definitely loves the attention he gets from his sister, he just seems much more settled when she’s around, even just hearing her pottering about as background noise.  

We took these photos down at The Vyne one of our local National Trust places last weekend. Lucas wasn’t in a particularly good mood and ended up screaming as you can see (we blame Daddy who lost his teething anklet)! But I treasure them all the same –  although I did take some smiley ones when we got home! 

My little loves in July. 

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